Betty Gu 

Graphic Designer & 3D Artist

Zoonique is a co-op party game that I collaborated on with a team of talented programmers and artists in uni. Throughout the year, we successfully brought to life two levels: the lush Jungle and the icy Frozen.

My role was the 3D environment artist and UI designer. The cartoonish, modular assets were made in Maya and textured in Substance Painter. Had a great time learning various shaders and Niagara effects in UE5:)

The UI design in this game adopted an illustrative approach, including various essential components such as the in-game HUD, pause screen, ending screen, game logo, and starting screen.

This game is published on
3D Art
Trailer Design
UI Design
2D Vector Illustration 

COLLABORATED WITH Aaron Langley, Joel Atta, Ken Lin, Serina Liang

Audio: Ethan Nahs, Oscar Jenkin, Soundly

Supervised by Jason Haasz
Substance Painter
Unreal Engine 5
Adobe Suite
Github & Gitlab