Betty Gu 

Graphic Designer & 3D Artist

Everyone Everydish

It all began with the distribution of a Design Research Kit, where I curated activities aimed at exploring the emotional connections tied to food. The data I gathered revealed that food is much more than just a nutritional necessity, which prompted me to think: How can I make use of the intimate nature of food to foster closer connections among people?

I came up with the 'Everyone Everydish' campaign. It revolves around a community food truck that provides free meals in exchange for beloved personal recipes. I designed magnetic recipe cards to serve as free food vouchers. People could write down their personal recipes in exchange for meals from the food truck. The recipe cards were displayed on the truck and later collected to create a neighborhood recipe book, effectively turning the truck into a mobile community recipe library.

This campaign aimed to spark conversations within neighborhoods, fostering the sharing of personal stories and the joy people derive from the food they create.
Design Research
Vinyl Design

Supervised by Ariel Aguilera

Fonts: Bogam by bagerich, Apfel Grotezk by Luigi Gorlero (Collletttivo)
Adobe Suite
Procreate App